Unlikely Pairings, Back to Back


Two people who have never had a conversation arrive for a blind date. They answer questions about humanity, the planet, politics and the future. Only at the end do they discover who is on the other side. Do we try to get closer to each other, or do we emphasise our differences?


Unlikely Pairings, Back to Back results from more than 100 interviews carried out in twelve Portuguese cities and two French cities, where the meeting point is the theater, as a symbolic place for discussion and thought.


Unlikely Pairings, Back to Back is part of in-depth research throughout 2023, which preceded the creation of the show Terminal (The State of the World).

  • a 3 May 2024, Teatro Virgínia (Torres Novas, PT) Première
  • a 8 June 2024, Teatro Viriato (Viseu, PT)
  • a 23 June 2024, Lavrar o Mar (Monchique, PT)
  • a 24 June 2024, Lavrar o Mar (Odemira, PT)
  • a 28 June 2024, Lavrar o Mar / Teatro de Palha (Aljezur, PT)
  • a 17 July 2024, Festival d'Avignon (FR) Cinema Utopia-Manutention

Directed by
Hélder Gonçalves
Sound mixing
Vítor Hugo Barros


Artistic direction
Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata
Executive production
Luna Rebelo and Sofia Bernardo
Assistant producer
Beatriz Brito
Martinho Filipe and Rita Tomás (consultant)
Formiga Atómica
Festival d’Avignon, Théâtre du Point du Jour, Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, Cine-Teatro São Pedro de Alcanena, Comédias do Minho, Companhia Mascarenhas-Martins, Lavrar o Mar, Município de Mértola, Município de Setúbal, Teatro Municipal de Ourém, Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II en partenariat avec Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Virgínia, Teatro Viriato, Trigo Limpo teatro ACERT