Beyond the Forest, the World

Can one explain the refugee crisis to children?

Do the real, true stories of today’s events go beyond the limits of cruelty in a child’s traditional imagination? What do we choose to tell children about the current state of the world?

This show tells the story of Farid. Farid is a twelve-year-old boy from Afghanistan, whose story might have resembled that of many other children his age, had he not been sent to a safe place in Europe by his mother. Farid is a refugee.

The performance brings us face-to-face with hardship and courage. It tells us the moving story of a little boy who finds himself between life and death, while the story of his life flashes before our eyes.

available for touring

Upcoming dates

  • 8 November 2024,
    Teatro Viriato (Viseu, PT) Atomic Occupation, 10th anniversary of Formiga Atómica

Miguel Fragata
Inês Barahona
Anabela Almeida and Manuela Pedroso
Set and costumes
Maria João Castelo
Teresa Gentil
Light design
José Álvaro Correia
Technical direction
Nuno Figueira 
Formiga Atómica
São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Portuguese version) and Théâtre de la Ville (French version)

Portuguese and French

50 mins

Target audiences
All audiences 10+

Portuguese version | São Luiz Teatro Municipal, 22nd November 2016

French version | Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, 20th May 2017


72nd Festival d’Avignon (IN) opening show