Bad Education

The stage is transformed into a boxing ring.

A piano accompanies the fights, like a referee in dialogue with the fighter and the music. On stage, a dancer, an actress and a child, spanning three different generations, come into play and confront one another: who teaches what to whom? Who is preparing whom for what future? Who agrees to leave to make way for someone else? A reflection of education: the tension between teachers and students, between the past and future, between school as it is today, and the one we hope for.

A show by Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata, in collaboration with the Portuguese choreographer Victor Hugo Pontes, in which theatre and dance seek the revolution that will bring about the future.

available for touring

Upcoming dates

  • 9 November 2024,
    Teatro Viriato (Viseu, PT) Atomic Occupation, 10th anniversary of Formiga Atómica

Miguel Fragata

Inês Barahona

Victor Hugo Pontes

Ana de Oliveira e Silva, Carla Galvão, Teresa Gentil, Valentina Carvalho and Vitória Fragata

Hélder Gonçalves

Light design
Rui Monteiro

Set design
Fernando Ribeiro

Costume design
José António Tenente

Sound design
Nelson Carvalho and Tiago Correia

Technical direction
Luís Ribeiro

Set construction
Josué Maia

Research workshops
Inês Barahona, Vera Alvelos and Manuela Pedroso

Video documentary

Executive production
Luna Rebelo and Sofia Bernardo



Formiga Atómica


São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Municipal do Porto . Campo Alegre, A Oficina / Centro Cultural Vila Flor

With support from
PNA – Plano Nacional das Artes, CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, CEA – Centro de Experimentação Artística da Moita, EGEAC – Galerias Municipais, Fundação Arpad-Szenes Vieira da Silva

Ana Lobato, Joana Costa Santos, Causas Comuns, Marina Deus, VITORIA – Nobre Arte


Portuguese, with surtitles

Target audiences

All audiences 12+


60 mins


São Luiz Teatro Municipal, 12th December 2022

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